Machu Picchu more than ruins , a Wildlife sanctuary.


 The  region of Machu Picchu is one of great ecological diversity. From the dry forest region through which the Urubamba river flows in its journey into the Amazon, to the snow capped  mountain peak of Salkantay, circled by condors. The region contains ten diverse ecological regions in over 4,000 meters of vertical diversity. 

Bird lovers are treated to a wide variety of birds, the cock of the rock, Perus national bird and giant hummingbirds are just two of the hundreds of bird species within this sanctuary. The majestic condor is also another visitor to the site and has been seen circling Machu Picchu on occasion. There are also hundreds of distinct butterfly species and moths in the sanctuary.

Most notably amongst the animals that inhabit the site the rare Spectacled Bear is known to make its way through the site, generally visiting Machu Picchu in the early mornings before tourists enter. Another regional animal that has made Machu Picchu home is the Llama. It is a guarantee that you will find many Llamas around the outer limits, perfect for iconic photo opportunities. The region is also home to Pumas although the sight of them is very rare indeed.


The flower and fauna of Machu Picchu is equally impressive boasting of over 2000 seperate plant species including a staggering 400 distinct Orchids. The  diversity is so high that distinct species are being found all the time with some orchids having been identified in the recent years.  The setting of Machu Picchu makes the sight of this floral diversity even more spectacular.