Origin Myth

How we became King of Maps - Our tale of bringing back artistic depictions of far away lands, wildlife of the world and sea monsters back to maps and cartography.

We always loved the way classic maps had a tradition of beautiful art covering parts of lands unknown, creating awe and inspiration. By the end of the Renaissance era, science and exploration lead to greater knowledge of the planet and geographical facts replaced the beauty of art and wonder. Map makers focused on the celebration of geographical knowledge and mostly forgot the romance of artistic celebration. Originally based here in Cusco, Peru, King of maps is our attempt to redress this balance. 

Our hand-drawn maps and art are the result of an artistic pursuit to celebrate the beauty and abundance of our shared past. A present day celebration to motivate you and future generations to go explore and learn what is out there. From children seeing the endangered animals of the planet for the first time, to inspiring adults to pursue bucket list adventures of ancient sites around the planet, we want to celebrate our love of the planet with you. 

Over ten years later we continue to research, design, draw and paint artwork to hang not just on your walls but also for our own homes and the office. We are so grateful for the kind words of appreciation and admiration we receive both in our gallery in Cusco and from all around the world where customers have our art hanging. We typically produce two to three maps a year and hope to continue doing so for as long as Willian the king of our art project wishes to continue.